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In the Trauma Healing Accelerated Intentional Community for Support, like-minded and action-oriented people gather together for mutual support, accountability, and encouragement. We have been through Dr. Aimie Apigian’s 21 Day Journey. We continue our healing and growth, supported by trained mentors and by one another. This is a safe community in which we move forward from a place of being stuck in our story to relishing life and the 'calm aliveness' that is possible to us through somatic practices. Join us to continue your healing journey!

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  • Like-minded individuals gather here to continue their healing journey
  • Three times a week Somatic Meeting Drop-ins with share time in order of 21 Day Journey exercises
  • Once a month A Parts Focused Session  
  • One-on-One Health Coaching Discount
  • One-on-One Somatic Coaching Discount 
  • Early access registration to all courses
  • And more!

"...it's really a wonderful community..."

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...to YOU! You are a part of the most amazing community of people who are earnest to experience the very best that life has to offer. We appreciate you and so it is with great joy that we roll out this wonderful venue for you to share, strategize, dream and celebrate together!

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